The King Series

You can never get a book long enough to suit me.

The Wolven King

As I was beginning to relax, a new terror coursed through my body at his next word, “Strip.”

“Ex-excuse me?” I blurted out. I wasn’t getting undressed in front of him, I barely knew him. He must have been trying to gain something from me and I doubted my fear and embarrassment was what he wanted.

Adrenous didn’t say anything as he drew his hands up my back and halted at the laces of my dress. I felt him tug at one of the nots and I instantly pulled away and turned to face him, no longer caring that his manhood was out for all to see. Just like that part of him, he too was a dick. “I’m not getting undressed in front of you!” I yelled at him.

“Your mine, Alivia,” My name passed his lips easily and hearing him say it did things to me which I didn’t want to admit. Instead I glared at him, he said I was his as if I was some kind of possession that he could do with as he pleased. He added, “Let me take care of you.”

I didn’t know what he meant by that, all I knew was that I had no intention of doing as he had asked.

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The Rogue King (Coming Soon)

I was cursed at such a young age, abandoned by my own wolf and the Moon Goddess for something that wasn’t in my control.

I don’t even think having a mate is in the cards for me…


I jumped when the final horn sounded, circling the garden before everyone became silent. They all returned to their seats, my father rising from his chair as I stood from my seat along with the other pups. I struggled to breath as we took our position, standing in the centre away from everyone else.

My father offered me a reassuring glance though it did nothing to ease my anxiety, all I had to do now was wait.

My eyes widened when the moons blue light shined down on me, illuminating my skin as I stared up at the sky in awe. “We thank the moon goddess for the power of her light…” I dropped my gaze back down, my fathers words surrounding us, “…Shall it bathe you and grant you strength, agility, speed like the wolf…”

The pups around me began to moan in pain, capturing my attention as I furrowed my brows. Their features were all contorted by an invisible pain that inflicted them but I felt absolutely nothing.

My heart raced when their groans of pain became screams but I-

I suddenly drop to the ground, a painful throbbing in my head forcing me to the ground. I grip the sides of my head, screaming. I don’t know how to explain it but it felt as though my brain was tearing in two, like my head was cracking open.

When the pain stopped, I found myself surrounded by wolves, the shifted pups.

Looking down at myself, I only see my body, no paws and no fur.

I hadn’t shifted…

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Bonus Chapter: A Silent Promise To Kill: The Wolven King

Eleven-year-old Arif is a budding pup desperate to take away his mother from his brash father.

He must become stronger. He must become trusted to the future alpha. He must rise up.

No matter what the losses and no matter what the pain, he will remember.

To continue the fight, he has chosen to abandon his innocence and channel his deep rage.

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